Dec 27, 2009

A Few Grievances...

Here are a few grievances from the Festivus opening. Thanks to all who added to the Wall of Grievances installation! Now, don't you feel better...?

A couple of gals gathered around the Festivus pole.

Dec 26, 2009


The Independent published an article on Wall Eye Gallery and Dante's art! Thank you so much for the opportunity and the interest! We appreciate it!

Dec 18, 2009

Tonight! Airing of Grievances!

Festivus is tonight! And we will have a special installation that you, yes you, can help create! We will have an Airing of Grievances Wall!! So when you come to the opening, step right up, write down your grievance on a post-it and put it on the wall!
We'll post the best grievances on our blog!

Ahh... it'll feel good to let out all those grievances and start the year off light as a feather!

See you tonight from 6:00pm-11:00pm!

Dec 16, 2009!!!!

Julie Cajigas was kind enough to interview us for Cool Cleveland this past weekend.

Watch the video here! (Don't click on the image below. It's just for looks.)

Thank you Cool Cleveland and Julie Cajigas!

Dec 9, 2009


Here are some of the artists whose artwork will adorn the walls and boutique at FESTIVUS!

Marty Blade
Rhiannon Blahnik
Jose Casiano
Brian Castellani
Merv Clary
Rhonda Cook
Andrew Curlowe
Dexter Davis
Dana Depew
Meghan Fischer
Kimberly Grice
Todd Hoak
Lorian Jenkins
Jay Kozar
Laura Kushnik
Kerry Lange
Heidi Muller
Jean Oakar
Katherine Pinard
Derrick Quarles
Anthony Robinson
Jason Rudolph
Stella Salamone
Clara Sayre
Elise Schiemann
Larry Schiemann
Nicki Schneider
William Schwartz
Debra Shepherd
The Sign Guy
Tyler Teel
Cesar Vargas

And, oh, so much more...

Could we be serious?! That many artists under one roof? You bet! All are welcome at Wall Eye, and so are you! We'll see you Friday, December 18th @ 6:00pm!