Dec 11, 2011

Upcoming Shows!

Ok, so it hasn't been THAT long since Wall Eye closed its doors, but some of the partners have been busy preparing for shows. Coming up are:

Intertwined a double solo of the works of Stephanie Ayala and Joe Ayala.
Friday, December 16, 12:00p-8:00p
Saturday, December 17, 12:00p-8:00p
Sunday, December 18, 12:00p-8:00p

Negative Space (at Asian Town Center)
3820 Superior Avenue, Cleveland 
(There is a parking lot.)
Visit Negative Space's site for more details for the three days, including a tea ceremony and the companies that will be providing delicious coffee and food! 
If you haven't been to Asian Town Center, come out for one of the three days. It's a great space that not only houses Negative Space, but there are other art galleries, shops, restaurants, and the big feature is their grocery store, Asia Food Co. 30,000 sq ft of Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Thai, Laos, Korean, Japanese, and Indonesian food. Yummm...


Both Joe Ayala and Dante Rodriguez are two of many fabulous artists featured in the Annual Group Invitational at William Rupnik Gallery.
Saturday, January 7, 7:00p-10:00p *One night only!
William Rupnik Gallery
1117 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland


Dante Rodriguez will be showing in Against the Grain at the Sandusky Cultural Center February 19 - March 25, 2012.

Dec 8, 2011

Interview with a Curator : Josh Usmani on "Controversy"

What job is harder than herding cats? Why it's curating an art show, of course! And artist Josh Usmani boldly crosses over from being an artist to a curator with ease. His first curated show, Controversy  opens for one night only on Saturday, December 10th at The Zaller Gallery.
Josh graciously took some time out of his busy schedule to talk about the show and the arts in Cleveland.

Wall Eye: Controversy is your first curated show. Where did the idea come from? And how has the experience been?
Josh Usmani: I was researching the 1913 "Armory Show" for Museum Studies at Cleveland State last spring.  I was intrigued when it became clear the success of that show in terms of visitors, exposure, longevity and dollars was based in large part to the negative press the show received before opening to the public.  I'd always had the idea for "Controversy" in the back of my head if I ever curated a show, but the Armory Show made it seem more realistic.  A month or two later I was approached by Dave Desimone* about potentially curating a show at Zaller.  Controversy was the first and only idea I pitched.  It's funny how these events poetically align. I think it's a perfect time for Controversy too.  Today, the internet allows the masses access to unprecedented, once unimaginable amounts of information, yet some people are so blinded by highly polished propaganda the truth itself offends them.  I believe true art is capable of both enlightening and agitating while still being universally effective and aesthetically pleasing.  This thought-provoking quality is at the heart of Controversy.

It sounds cliché, but the whole experience has been a dream come true.  Zaller is a DIY space that offers curators a venue to work our magic.  It's a lot of work, but I have total creative freedom, which is incredibly important, especially with this show.  I don't know what's happening with the space after my show, but I really hope something like this can exist in Cleveland for a long time. There aren't very many places on Earth like Zaller.

WE: Any notable pieces in the show?
JU: So many!  With over two dozen artists in the show it's hard to single any out.  Plus, I'm actually still waiting on some...Like Semiotext's stuff coming from Sweden.  It's going to be his first show in the US.  With over two dozen artists in Controversy, I was careful to select artists I trust because most chose to produce new work that I hadn't seen.  There have been a lot of very pleasant surprises.  I don’t want to give anything away, but suffice it to say that I'm VERY excited about this show!  The established artists blew me away. as I suspected they would, but I think a lot of people will be surprised by a lot of the artists they haven't encountered previously...Which is part of my job as curator. I can't thank the artists enough.  It's going to be a really cool show.  I should mention Douglas Max Utter and Justin Roberts since they're not on the flyer and both really great artists.  Douglas Max Utter had a solo exhibition at William Busta gallery recently and Justin Roberts did all the album artwork for Simeon Soul Charger's "Meet Me in the After Life".  Simeon Soul Charger is an amazing rock band from Akron currently touring in Europe for over a year.  Justin often does live paintings during concerts.  He was painting at Ingenuity Fest recently.

WE: Douglas Max Utter?!** Nice! How did you choose the artists for the show? Was it your intention to choose heavy hitters like Douglas and artists people may not have heard of?

JU: My goal has been to keep the show as diverse as possible.  I approached artists of all different backgrounds searching for as many perspectives on the subject as possible. Controversy features artists of different gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, education, age, etc..  I also approached a few art educators (Art Ed. majors, art teachers and my own professors) to get their take on the subject.  I think the show has a really nice balance to it.

WE: Having experience on both sides of a show (curator/organizer and artist), do you like one more than the other?
JU: I'm definitely an artist first-and-foremost, but I genuinely love curating and working on exhibitions.  Like I said, it's a lot of work, but it's so worth it!  I've been lucky enough to organize a few exhibitions at Cleveland State in the past few years and people like Robert Thurmer, Russ Revock and Linda Herman have been instrumental in nurturing my curatorial side at CSU.  My family doesn't spend a lot of energy on art.  I never went to art museums or galleries with my parents, so I feel like I've been exposed to a whole new world recently.  I always preach "Cooperation not Competition" to my artist-friends.  I want to help build a bigger, stronger arts community in Cleveland and this show allows me to do that by exposing new, young artists and bringing lots of different people together and giving them plenty to talk about.  I haven't made a lot of art lately, so I'm looking forward to getting back to it next year, but organizing Controversy has allowed me to focus my energy on something bigger than myself.

WE: I like that, "Cooperation not Competition"! What do you feel more in the Cleveland art community: cooperation or competition?
JU: Honestly, I see a lot of cooperation amongst the artists I've met.  I see a lot of opportunity to expand the networking and communication amongst the arts community in Cleveland, but the people themselves are really great and a lot of the work made here deserves more attention than its getting.  I think the really competitive artists are probably the first to leave town for greener pastures...Or go into graphic design (Just kidding, graphic designers).  We can make all the art we want alone, but if we want a thriving arts community in Cleveland it's going to take each and every one of us.

WE: You've been pretty busy with participating in shows and even having a solo show back in August, and now Controversy. What's next for you?
JU: Yeah, I'm making up for the 3 years I wasn't drawing.  I was out of school for 5 years trying to find a "responsible" job I loved as much as art.  Obviously that didn't work out.  I have a year and a half at Cleveland State before I graduate. I just organized a small exhibition of student work in Gallery B at CSU to accent the alumni show currently hanging in the main gallery.  I'm the President of the Student Organization of Fine Art (SOFA) and the Undergraduate Representative on CSU's Gallery Panel, so I'll be starting preparations for our annual spring Student Show and Merit Scholar Show soon.  The next shows I'll be participating in are the "Fifty Dolla Holladay Sale" at Breakneck Gallery (December 17th) and "Studio Skateboard" a group skate deck art exhibition at the Sandusky Cultural Center (opening January 8th).  I plan to make a lot more art next year and keep trying to participate in as many exhibitions and events as possible.  I'd love to curate another big group show like this.  Nothing's planned yet, but you never know what's coming around the next corner.     
Thanks, Josh! 

Remember that Controversy is one night only on Saturday, December 10th from 5:00pm-11:00pm at The Zaller Gallery at 16008 Waterloo Rd in Cleveland. 

[*Editor's note: Wall Eye ♥s Dave Desimone.]
[**Another Editor's Note: In case it isn't obvious, Wall Eye ♥s Douglas Max Utter too.]
[One more note, I swear: Wall Eye's own Joe Ayala and Dante Rodriguez are artists in the show as well!]

Oct 1, 2011

Studio Visit with Stephanie Rond

Let's visit the studio of another Playing House artist, Stephanie Rond! Through graffiti, Stephanie's work will draw you in with bright colors, details and strong commentary.

Wall Eye Gallery: Tell us about yourself and your work.

Stephanie Rond: I'm a full time art maker living in Columbus, Ohio with my partner Nate and our two cats. Most of my work is hand cut stencils and spray paint but I like to dabble in sculpture as well. I'm very active in my community and believe in the power of helping everyone helps ourselves. I'm interested in making gallery and street art. When I grow up I would like to be a crossword puzzle guru and domestic cat herder.

WEG: Tell us about your studio. Location? Favorite part? Time spent in it?

SR: My studio is in our two car garage. It has a loft upstairs, and I use the bottom part of the garage when the cars are removed for spraying aerosol. We call it "Fonzie's Place" because Fonzie lived above the Cunningham's garage on Happy Days. On a good week I spend 45-55 hours there. I have several contract jobs, so sometimes I have to squeeze in a couple hours here and there and it only averages about 20 hours.

WEG: Silence or music while you create?

SR: Music for sure! I listen to lots of books on tape as well. When I'm plotting and planning I turn on music, but when I'm cutting the stencils I listen to books on tape. It helps pass the time and I get to learn and use my brain.

WEG: What tool(s) do you use the most?

SR: From my brain toolbox I try to use my creativity and freedom as much as possible, physically I use a razor blade and painters tape the most.

WEG: What is your ideal studio?

SR: I consider myself really lucky as far as my studio goes. The only thing I wish I had was walls that didn't slant. It's hard to make large work in my studio, but I try to get around that too.

Thanks for taking the time, Stephanie!

Visit Stephanie's website to see more of her work!

Sep 22, 2011

Studio Visit with Sharon Dorsey

Studio Visit is a new series where we'll learn about the spaces in which an artist creates. Whether a fun space, a sacred space, messy space, or immaculate, it's always fun (and fascinating) to peek into where an artist settles in to make a work of art.

First in this series is Columbus based artist, Sharon Dorsey. Sharon's fabulously imaginative works seem to have old souls and a stories to tell. She is also one of four artists featured in Playing House.

Wall Eye Gallery: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

Sharon Dorsey: Making art is a method of communicating the stuff inside me that is too odd to say out loud. Like maybe I am thinking, “That son-of-a-bitch stomped on my heart and left me an empty shell of a human!” Well, then I make a painting with a sad, sick-looking woman with children growing out of her stomach and her hands raised in supplication that explains exactly how I feel. I work in many mediums because I feel like there are many different ways I need to make a statement... and because I get bored really quickly. I'm usually inspired by spiritual ideas and also by the symbolism of an image. I love the idea of recycling as it pertains to people, in an “ashes to ashes” kind of way. Or in a redemption kind of way.

WEG: Tell us about your studio. Location? Favorite part? Time spent in it?

SD: I share a small office with my husband that's attached to our bedroom. I have a 3' long table to create, but next to it is the table with the evil computer that taunts me to look at it every 3 seconds. My favorite part of the space is that I share it with my husband!

WEG: Silence or music while you create?

SD: I love to listen to music while I create! I often have Mondays off, so if I'm at home while my husband is working (he works from home), we listen to "whale music" (new-age-y ambient music). Most other times it's 80's music up in there!

WEG: What tools do you use the most?

SD: I work with many different mediums, so I have an assortment of favorite tools. The three things I seem to reach for the most are the Xacto knife, the needle nose pliers, and the awl.

WEG: What is your ideal studio?

SD: I would have to change addresses to have the ideal studio. I would love to have a huge, enclosed porch-office overlooking the back yard (which happens to be mountains with lots of animals running/flying around outside) with an enormous sound system and a wall of shelving and drawers. And maybe a wet bar.

Thanks, Sharon! To see more of Sharon's work, you can visit her blog or you can see her work in person at the exhibition, Playing House.

Aug 20, 2011

Pictures from The Art of Artisans

Looking to furnish your home, office, apartment? Don't you dare go to a big box store to buy mass produced, disposable home furnishings! That was a bit harsh, wasn't it? Sorry about that. But you would feel passionate too if you saw the pieces in The Art of Artisans. Each piece is worthy of gracing a pedestal in a fine museum yet it tells you it wants to go home with you instead.

To see more of an artisans work, buy or commission a piece, simply click on their name. If there isn't a link then contact Wall Eye and we'll happily get you in touch with the artist!

Cristian Schmitt

David Smith

Bottom: Walnut Credenza by Michael McMillin
Top: Stained glass rubbings by Peter Billington & David Smith

Left: Jason Radcliffe. Right: Michael McMillin

Lou Erste & Grant Smrekar
Back left: David Smith. Back right: Peter Billington

The Art of Artisans is up through September 4, so give us a call or e-mail to set up an appointment to see it in person!

Aug 18, 2011

Interview with Peter Billington

We here at Wall Eye are pretty excited for the next show, The Art of Artisans. It's the first show featuring furniture (of the functional kind) and art from craftsmen. Particularly impressive are the stained glass pieces by Peter Billington. Each piece is a testament to the harmony of craftsmanship and art through the obvious hard work involving glass to the hand painted vignettes in its panes.

Wall Eye Gallery:
Tell us about your background and how you came to be an artist. And specifically a glass artist. You don’t see too many artists working in that medium.

Peter Billington: I was always interested in the arts, since a toddler when my grandfather would draw caravans and circus animals over my finger painting. I went to CSU for liberal arts majoring in painting. Had a summer job working at Whitney Stained Glass studio when I was about 19. After graduation, I floated around for a few years, working at an art supply store and a movie theatre. Aside from learning lots of technical details about art supplies, which is truly helpful, I learned one thing. That I hated working retail. After about 4 years, I went back to my old boss, who was a friend of the family, and asked for a job and he reluctantly hired me first part-time then shortly full-time. Jim encouraged me to delve deeply into the craft and sent me to a number of intensive workshops to further my education. Jim passed away from cancer about 6 years ago and I purchased the studio from his widow about 5 years ago. The majority of projects that my studio works on is church work, both restoration and new work.

WEG: It's interesting that you had a formal education in painting and then glass came later. When you create a piece, what comes first? The idea of the painting or the glass?

PB: Depends. Sometimes I will do a pile of quick paintings or thumbnails, either in watercolor or gouache on black board, in rapid sucession and then decide which ones would work within the medium of traditional stained glass. Sometimes I will start with a specific idea and work with it. Sometimes I will arrange some glass on the table and just spontaneously paint. And sometimes I will have something hanging around the studio for years before being struck with how and where to use it...

WEG: Tell us a bit about your work we are going to see in The Art of Artisans.

PB: The work I put in the show is mostly traditional painted and stained glass, with non-traditional, non-church related subject matter.

WEG: Which Cleveland area artist(s) do you like/admire? Artist(s) outside of Cleveland area?

PB: I admire a lot of artists, but am mostly curious about glass painting and take yearly workshops with some of the best glass painters in the country. That being said, the majority of older glass work is unsigned and more or less anonymously done by craftspeople who probably never considered themselves artists at all. I have a great deal of admiration for these people who built and decorated churches and cathedrals since medieval times.

~ Thank you, Peter! You can learn more about Peter's studio at

Come to the opening reception Friday, August 19 from 6-11pm to see the equally impressive way Peter's pieces have been hung [Oh, yeah, we're patting ourselves on the back] and the fabulous furniture and art.

Aug 5, 2011

Saying Goodbye

It is with mixed emotions to announce that Wall Eye Gallery will be closing in October of this year. After much deliberation we have decided to end our two year run. The seven partners have either had a life change, new job, new opportunities involving more responsibilities, or the desire to focus on artistic careers. It has been difficult to balance these changes while continuing to organize Wall Eye’s shows.

Although Wall Eye Gallery will no longer be a brick and mortar space, we will have an online presence to share news of other shows in Cleveland, competitions, news about the art world and interviews with artists. But maybe you’ll see us pop-up from time to time.

We have been humbled and flattered by everyone’s love for the space and our shows. Whether you have attended our shows, bought art from us, or have been our cheerleader, we thank you. We thank the wonderful artists we have worked with. We are honored to have been a small part of your artistic life and we wish all of you much success. We also thank the guest curators and organizers who have brought us fun and challenging shows and awesome community events. We were in awe of your hard work.

Please join us for our two remaining shows, Art of Artisans opening August 19 and Playing House opening September 23, and lift up a glass and let’s make a toast to making new friendships and strengthening old ones, to art, to working our butts off, taking chances and trying out a dream.

A Write Up!

Thanks, Scene, for the write up!

And if you'd like to see the show, we'll be open Sunday, August 7 from 1:00p-3:00p.

Jul 20, 2011

An Interview With Artist, Mallorie Freeman

And The Sea Began To Cool

The name Mallorie Freeman should be familiar to you. For several years now she has shown in numerous galleries, events, and other venues around town. Her paintings and drawings of mostly women are more than just beautifully rendered and exquisitely framed. Spend time with them and you'll want to know their stories. We wanted to know more about Mallorie and she was gracious to take a bit of time and answer a few questions.

Wall Eye Gallery: Tell us about your background and how you came to be an artist.

Mallorie Freeman: When I am not producing artwork, I feel off kilter. The need to create has always been a part of my life, it's who I am. I attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and The Cleveland Institute of Art but like most artists, I discovered my love/obsession of drawing and creating at a very early age.

WEG: What influences your work?

MF: I am mostly influenced by my personal experiences. I draw and paint what I feel. I also find inspiration from movies, books, and music. As part of my process, I frequently use models and stage photo shoots for reference material.

WEG: Share a bit about your piece, Lucretia, that is in NEO-Renaissance.

MF: I wanted to reference a Renaissance artwork with a strong and powerful female presence which was not an easy task. I selected a painting by Joos Van Cleve that depicts the suicide of Lucretia. I chose to capture the emotion of this sad and painful story of a woman who was raped by the king's son and begged her husband to avenge her death as she plunged a knife into her heart. It's so tragic...

Lucretia, charcoal, gold ink on handmade abaca

WEG: What are you working on these days and what would you like to work on in the future?

MF: I am currently working on my solo show scheduled for March 2012 at Brandt Gallery.

WEG: Which Cleveland area artist(s) do you like/admire? Artist(s) outside of Cleveland area?

MF: One Cleveland artist who's work I like is Liz Maugins. I love the combination of a little bit serious and a little bit funny. She has such a witty sense of humor. A couple of my other Cleveland based artist friends whose work I own and admire are Ryan Jaenke and Chris Ryniak.

There are so many other amazing artists out there I could name but I have been making an effort to turn off the outside influences. I am bombarded with it all day especially in my job with the Progressive Art Collection. Not that I don't love being surrounded by artwork all day, but it keeps me true to my own vision.

Thanks, Mallorie! To see Mallorie’s piece, Lucretia, in person, and maybe ask her a few questions yourself, come to the NEO-Renaissance opening reception on Friday, July 22 from 6:00pm-11:00pm. To see her work, visit

Jul 17, 2011

NEO-Renaissance Preview!

We're getting ready for the NEO-Renaissance opening reception this Friday, July 22. Here's a little preview!!

Anthony Robinson, Endangered Species Final Feast

George Mauersberger, Wiki-Rhino

Phillipe Jacinto Velazquez, Sibyl

Douglas Manry, Pray/Prey

Joe Ayala, Lucy

So, join us anytime between 6p-11p this Friday, July 22 for the reception. Meet the artists, mingle, and check out more art in our lower level by the Wall Eye Partners and other artists. If you can't make it to the opening, we'll also be open Saturday, July 23, 12-4pm and Sunday, July 24, 12-3pm. After that it's by appointment through August 7th.

Jul 7, 2011

A Lesson in Impermanence

Art done directly on gallery walls are amazing. They are almost always huge, spectacular, but unfortunately, are painted over to make way for the next show. In June we hosted Weapons of Mass Creation and one of the speakers and artists was Dan Christofferson who created a piece directly on one of our walls. He worked for two days and created this:

I love this piece. The colors, the lines, and who doesn't have a soft spot for wolves? Our next show, NEO-Renaissance, opens Friday, July 22 and I avoided painting over Dan's piece with the hopes it could fit right into the show! But there are other plans for this wall... so... it had to be painted over. I stalled. And stalled some more. Then I went to our back office and did some research I've been meaning to do. And every now and then I peaked out of the office and there he was, looking at me. I didn't want to do it, but I had no choice.


There are many things in this world we can't avoid: death, illness, decay, and painting over art done on gallery walls. We can learn to not become attached to things yet appreciate them while we still have them around. Sentimental? Perhaps. But wolves just make me that way.

~ Linda

Please check out Dan's more permanent and fabulous work at Bee Teeth.

Jun 11, 2011


If you are unable to make it out to WMC Fest today or tomorrow, you can watch it live!
Got to Weapons of Mass Creation Fest's site and choose what you want to watch! Lectures? Bands? The show right here at Wall Eye? Or all three!

Jun 5, 2011

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest!

Wall Eye Gallery is excited to be one of three venues for the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, this Saturday & Sunday, June 11-12!

The WMC Fest is "a fest for those who live to create! A weekend community event taking place in the Gordon Square Arts District on Cleveland’s west side. It was founded by Jeff Finley of the Cleveland-based creative agency Go Media. Only in its second year, it’s already generating lots of buzz within the creative community. Come to WMC Fest to network, collaborate, get inspired, learn new tricks, and level up! Did I mention it’s a fest? That means fun!"

There are 20 bands, 20 speakers, and 20 designers. Come on out to be inspired, informed, listen to great music, and see some great art!

While the exhibition of art at Wall Eye Gallery is free, tickets are required for the bands and the lectures at the other two venues. Visit the WMC Fest website for more info and to purchase tickets.

Check out the facebook event page.

May 8, 2011


Pedaling Art: A Celebration of Bicycle Art and Culture

FRIDAY, MAY 20, 6:00-11:00 PM
...Free secure bicycle valet parking provided by Ohio City Bicycle Co-op
8:00-10:00 PM — Stationary bike racing by Great Lakes Gold Sprint
After-party with midnight set by Megachurch at 1300 Third, 78th Street Studios


SATURDAY, MAY 21, 12:00-6:00 PM
2:00 & 4:00 PM — Bike Films

SUNDAY, MAY 22, 12:00-4:00 PM
2:00 PM — Bike Films

FRIDAY, MAY 27, 6:00-11:00 PM
8:00-10:00 PM — Great Lakes Gold Sprints

SATURDAY, MAY 28, 12:00-6:00 PM
2:00 & 4:00 PM — Bike Films


Wall Eye Gallery presents the juried exhibition Pedaling Art, a celebration of bicycle culture through art and design, May 20 through June 4. The exhibition includes visual art in a variety of media, as well as wearable art and crafts, all of which are made from recycled bike parts or have a bike focus. Cleveland Bicycle Week is May 16-22, 2011 (coinciding with the League of American Bicyclists’ Bike-to-Work Week), culminating in Bike-to-Work Day and the Pedaling Art opening reception on Friday, May 20.

The Ohio City Bicycle Co-op (OCBC) will provide free, secure bicycle valet parking for those who opt to ride. A portion of Pedaling Art sales will be donated to the OCBC to help support their mission to promote cycling in Greater Cleveland. The opening night will also feature stationary bike racing presented by Great Lakes Gold Sprints. In a break from Wall Eye tradition, Pedaling Art will be open for two consecutive weekends with bicycle films showing on the afternoons of Saturday, May 21, Sunday, May 22, and Saturday, May 28

Apr 28, 2011

Drawn and Quartered Part III Draw-Off!

Wall Eye Gallery will host Drawn and Quartered Part III Draw-Off on May 6 & 7!

Friday, May 6th, 6:00p-10:00p - Opening Reception of an exhibition of art by participating artists.
Saturday, May 7th, 6:00p-10:00p - The Competition begins at 7:00p.

Figure drawing as a spectator sport? Three years in a row? Yes!!! Four established figure and drawing groups; The Murray Hill Drawing Group, Dr. Sketchy Cleveland, Pretentious Tremont Artists of the Literary Care, and N.O.I.S. (The Northern Ohio Illustrators Society,) will meet up and draw against time and each other for the amusement of an engaged audience. Think wide world of wrestling meets art school meets cabaret!

The teams of artists will compete against each other during timed drawing sessions, trying to capture the magic of an honest drawing. Costumed models and dancers, MorrisonDance, will be drawn live by the competing artists and teams vying for praise and prizes. The disciplines will range from quick gestures to a 90-minute portrait (run concurrently.)

Professional Artists and the audience will vote on the best individual and team drawings. The audience will have a chance to draw as well. Drinks, refreshments, music, and drawing materials for the inspired guests will be provided!

Finished artwork will be available for purchase during and after the events.

Apr 18, 2011

Our 2011 Schedule. So far.

We've had a lot of questions thrown our way about our upcoming schedule, and not just what the next show is. We hear:
"What's coming up in the summer?" "The fall?" "A specific time frame cuz I'm in town?" "Your blog sucks, there's nothing about the upcoming schedule aside from what I already know."

So here it is! Alright? (Please note some details are tentative and it's simply a schedule, not a call for artists.)

Show: ILLUSTRIOUS - Illustration and comic book art!
April 22: Opening Reception 6-11p
April 23: Open 12-4p
April 24: Open 12-3p
And by appointment through April 29
More details

May 6: Opening Reception 6-10p
May 7: COMPETITION!! 6-10p; Competition starts at 7p.

Show: PEDALING ART - Art about bikes or made of bikes!
May 20: Opening Reception 6-11p
There's lots of open hours for this and other events! We'll post those details soon!

June 11 & 12: Lectures, bands, and show, 12-8p both days. Three venues.
The show at Wall Eye is free, but tickets are required for lectures and bands.
Lots more details!

This is where the schedule gets less specific and dates are subject to change:

Show: NEO-Renaissance
July 15 July 22: Opening Reception

Show: Furniture [Title TBD. Show of furniture makers and designers.]
August 19: Opening Reception

Show: PLAYING HOUSE (The art of Stephanie Rond, Stephanie Lipscomb, Sharon Dorsey, and Linda Ayala)
September 23: Opening Reception

That's about all we can share for now!

Apr 17, 2011

Apr 12, 2011

It's So Illustrious!

Our next show, 'ILLUSTRIOUS: An Exhibit of Illustration and Design' will be April 22nd - 29th.

It's a wild exhibition of illutration and design featuring fifteen Northeast Ohio artists showcasing many levels of style and technique through all mediums including comic book art, traditional drawing, posters and prints and 3D toy design.

Viewers will also receive a sneak preview of Derf's upcoming graphic novel "My Fri...end Dahmer" featuring never before seen original pages about the true story of the artist and his long childhood to high school friendship with the most infamous killer in U.S. history: Jeffrey Dahmer.

This will be an exhibition you surely don't wanna miss!

Curated by Joe Ayala


Featured Artists:

John G.
Jeffrey Lamm
Arabella Proffer
Joe Ayala
Herb Ascherman III
Kyle Kershner
Jake Kelly
Anthony Jacobs
The Bubble Process
Jonah DeRivera
Dennis Crabapple McClain
Jason Rudolf
Derrick Quarles
and Adam Schonhuitt

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, April 22, 6-11pm

ADDITIONAL HOURS: Saturday, April 23, 12-4pm
Sunday April 24, 12-3pm
And by appointment through April 29.

Apr 3, 2011

Cafe Bellas Artes at Wall Eye!

On Friday, April 8th, 7:00p-8:30p we will host Cafe Bellas Artes for "An Evening with Five New Emerging Latino Artists: Bilingual Presentations about Latino Art and Culture" featuring:

- Steve Warner, grandson of Carlos Cahuas (Peru) Visual Artist
- Carmelo Ramos Alvarez (Puerto Rico) Sculptor
- Barbara Polster (Cuba) Visual Artist
- Gabriel Gonzalez (Puerto Rico) Photographer
- Rosalina Morales (Puerto Rico) Painter

This event is FREE and open to the public.
Refreshments provided.
Sponsored by Cleveland State University's Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs and Cafe Bellas Artes of The Cleveland Museum Of Art.

The show Intuitive Visions will be up during this event! Carmelo Ramos Alvarez and Carlos Cahuas are featured in this show.

Mar 27, 2011

See Intuitive Visions through April 9

Intuitive Visions is up through April 9. While our open hours are over, you can contact us at or 216-640-7769 for an appointment.

Mar 18, 2011

Intuitive Visions SNEAK PEEK!!

Come see the rest! The opening reception is tonight, Friday, March 18 from 6-11p!
We're also open Saturday, March 19 from 12-5p and Sunday, March 20 from 12-4p, then by appointment through April 9.

Pictured top photo: The Reverend Albert Wagner & Carmelo Ramos Alvarez; middle photo: Carmelo Ramos Alvarez & Michelangelo Lovelace; bottom photo: Carlos Cahuas.

Mar 1, 2011

Intuitive Visions

Visionary and Personal works by Michelangelo Lovelace, Carlos Cahuas, Carmelo Ramos Alvarez, and Reverend Albert Wagner.

March 18th – April 9th 2011
Opening Reception: Friday March 18th 6-11pm
Additional hours: Saturday March 19th 12-5pm
Sunday March 20th 12-4pm
And by appointment through April 9th

Intuitive Visions brings together the works of prolific and never before seen outsider artists from the northeast Ohio region. Inspired by their own creative impulses and visions, the artists’ works in Intuitive Visions offers us glimpses into their personal lives, stories, and philosophies. From current politics, spirituality, the ethereal, and the celebration of life and art transform oils, acrylics, stone, house paint, and found materials into strong messages for the rest of us.

Feb 19, 2011


Pedaling Art at Wall Eye Gallery
May 20 – June 5, 2011

Wall Eye Gallery is looking for artists to contribute to the juried exhibition Pedaling Art, a celebration of bicycle culture through art and design. We are accepting works in all media including: photography, painting, sculpture and installation. Please submit an image of your work and a short description to Include dimensions, title and media. We are looking for visual art, wearable art and crafts that have been made from recycled bike parts or that have a bike focus.

• Wednesday, March 9 & March 23, 2011, 5:00-8:00 pm: Bike part raid and art workshops at Ohio City Bicycle Co-op for those in need of parts for their submissions.

Friday, April 8, 2011: Submission Deadline

• Saturday & Sunday, May 14 & 15, 2011: Art Drop Off

• Friday, May 20, 2011: Opening Reception

• Saturday May 21, 2011: Bike Auction/Sale/Parts Swap

Feb 13, 2011

Helping Hearts Fund

On Friday, February 18th from 6:00p-11:00p we will have our opening reception for it's all about the heART to help raise funds for the Helping Hearts Fund.

Heart transplantation at Cleveland Clinic is offered to patients who meet transplant criteria regardless of income or insurance. Of the 70 to 75 heart transplant patients a the clinic each year, about one-fourth lack adequate insurance coverage. However, costs for such a procedure go way beyond a hospital stay. Medication and other costs can exceed $3,500 per month. The Helping Hearts Fund was started in 2007 in response to this need. Without the Helping Hearts Fund, a transplant patient would remain in the hospital for several weeks or even months after a successful surgery because they cannot afford the first month's prescriptions. The fund also helps patients with medication costs who are waiting for a transplant. Since the start of the fund more than 50 patients have been helped.

So whether you buy a piece of art, buy tickets for a raffle, or donate directly to the fund, your generosity will help ease burdens and help many people move on to live happy healthy lives!

Read more about patients' stories, how the fund began and the source for this post.

Feb 2, 2011

February: Heart Health Month TIPS!

Since February is Heart Health Month and we're having the show it's all about the heART to help raise money for a good fund for heart transplant survivors, we might as well share some knowledge on keeping your heart healthy. (Please note: Although we here at Wall Eye Gallery are pretty intelligent, these tips do not replace the advice of your doctor. Unless your doctor is not very smart, then you ought to find another doctor.)

So.. here we go! Tips for a healthy heart:

1. Watch your diet. Duh. Rule of thumb - if you look at your plate and the only colors you see are shades of brown, then maybe you need to think about incorporating colorful veggies. And perhaps your intestines need an oil change.

2. Cut down on the salt. Or at least dump the typical table salt for sea salt. Not all salts are created equal and iodized table salt is stripped of the minerals we need. Go ahead, google it.

3. Alcohol in moderation. We'll leave this one be.

4. Exercise and manage your weight. Another no brainer. Goes along with "watch your diet". If going out in the snow is not what you prefer right now, then run around your house, do squats, housework, something.

5. Manage your stress. The next time you feel your stress level rise, take a moment to look at the situation: "Is anyone going to die? " "Is anyone going to get hurt?" "Do I work in an ER?" "There are other people who have it far worse than I do." You can then go to #3 if it helps. But find ways to help you wind down and make you happy. Like maybe Yoga.

6. Get some sleep. Like good, regular sleep. Not sleep on the RTA on the way to work or in between classes, or in your cubicle with your head propped on your pencil cup. We're talking actual in-your-bed-sleep.

7. Stop smoking. Not only do you turn your lungs into the Black Sludge from the Lagoon, but you harm every organ in your body and you're riding down the Disease Highway. But most importantly, your skin ages quicker and you smell.

So there you have it. 7 tips for a healthy heart! There are lots more, but we'll let this marinate for a bit.

Feb 1, 2011

"Put you heART, mind, intellect and soul even into your smallest acts"

Opening on Friday, February 18th from 6p-11p is it's all about the heART, a group exhibition organized by Stephanie & Joe Ayala, benefiting The Helping Hearts Fund. A portion of the exhibition sales will be donated to the fund to continue their work in helping transplant survivors and their families. There will be other ways to donate to the fund through a silent auction, raffle, or you can donate directly with a cash or check.

Featuring the work of: Joe Ayala ♥ Linda Ayala ♥ Stephanie Ayala ♥ Rhonda Cook ♥ Rick Cook ♥ Natalia Dale ♥ Stephanie Lipscomb ♥ Douglas Manry ♥ Melanie Newman ♥ Melissa Oberdoester ♥ Arabella Proffer ♥ Alejandro Rivera ♥ Dante Rodriguez ♥ Adam Schonhiutt ♥ David Szekeres ♥ Tyler Teel

The show will also be open Saturday, February 19th from 12p-4p and by appointment through February 27th.

**Photo by Natalia Dale.
(The quote in the title of this post was by Swami Sivananda [1887-1963], a Hindu spiritual teacher and Yoga master.)