Feb 2, 2011

February: Heart Health Month TIPS!

Since February is Heart Health Month and we're having the show it's all about the heART to help raise money for a good fund for heart transplant survivors, we might as well share some knowledge on keeping your heart healthy. (Please note: Although we here at Wall Eye Gallery are pretty intelligent, these tips do not replace the advice of your doctor. Unless your doctor is not very smart, then you ought to find another doctor.)

So.. here we go! Tips for a healthy heart:

1. Watch your diet. Duh. Rule of thumb - if you look at your plate and the only colors you see are shades of brown, then maybe you need to think about incorporating colorful veggies. And perhaps your intestines need an oil change.

2. Cut down on the salt. Or at least dump the typical table salt for sea salt. Not all salts are created equal and iodized table salt is stripped of the minerals we need. Go ahead, google it.

3. Alcohol in moderation. We'll leave this one be.

4. Exercise and manage your weight. Another no brainer. Goes along with "watch your diet". If going out in the snow is not what you prefer right now, then run around your house, do squats, housework, something.

5. Manage your stress. The next time you feel your stress level rise, take a moment to look at the situation: "Is anyone going to die? " "Is anyone going to get hurt?" "Do I work in an ER?" "There are other people who have it far worse than I do." You can then go to #3 if it helps. But find ways to help you wind down and make you happy. Like maybe Yoga.

6. Get some sleep. Like good, regular sleep. Not sleep on the RTA on the way to work or in between classes, or in your cubicle with your head propped on your pencil cup. We're talking actual in-your-bed-sleep.

7. Stop smoking. Not only do you turn your lungs into the Black Sludge from the Lagoon, but you harm every organ in your body and you're riding down the Disease Highway. But most importantly, your skin ages quicker and you smell.

So there you have it. 7 tips for a healthy heart! There are lots more, but we'll let this marinate for a bit.

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