Jan 30, 2010

Hours for Boldfigures

Our open hours for Boldfigures is over, but you can contact us at 216-640-7769 or info@walleyegallery.com to schedule an appointment through February 7th.

Jan 26, 2010


We had a wonderful turnout this past Friday for the opening reception of Boldfigures featuring the works of Hannah Verbeuren, Ken Nevadomi, Barbara Konrad, Claudio Orso-Giacone, and Dante Rodriguez. Our open hours are over, but you can still contact us to make an appointment to see the show now through February 7th. Read our review by Douglas Max Utter in Scene!

And don't forget the beautiful boutique and lower level gallery!

Thank You! Haiti Donation Update.

A huge thank you and big hugs to the people who donated items for humanitarian aid to Haiti!
Among the items donated were 10 gallons of water, crutches, a walker, sheets, towels, canned food, and lots of children's clothing!

The donations will be picked up and taken to Mission of Love this week, where they will pack it up an ship it out! Mission of Love has received so many donations, they have already started to ship it!

Jan 19, 2010

Please join Wall Eye Gallery in Helping Mission of Love’s Humanitarian Aid to Haiti!

Youngstown based organization, Mission of Love, will send airlifts of humanitarian aid to Haiti via the Denton Program to set up orphanages. This will be an ongoing Mission of Love........since the need is so GREAT.

The needs are:
Towels, sheets, plastic cups & plates, water, Diapers, Purell, rice, canned food, can openers, oil, flour, dehydrated milk, sandals, Motrin for children, Advil, Gatorade, gauze, gloves, benadine, t-shirts, children's summer clothes, tarps, bungees, 5 gallon plastic buckets, propane cooking stoves, crutches, walkers, flashlights, cooking pans, utensils, cots, paper towels, toilet paper & bleach.

Monetary donations should be made out to the Mission of Love and can be used for a tax deduction.

Donations can be dropped off at the following locations:
Wall Eye Gallery
5304 Detroit Ave, Cleveland 44102
Friday, January 22 6:00pm-11:00pm
Saturday, January 23 12:00pm-6:00pm
Sunday, January 24 12:00pm-5:00pm

All Handel's Ice Cream Stores
January 20 - January 27
Visit their website at for a location nearest you.

For more information concerning aid to Haiti please contact Kathy at 330-720-0278 or amissionoflove@sbcglobal.net

Jan 15, 2010

Boutique Peek

One week to go before the BOLDFIGURES opening, and the boutique is shaping up nicely. Awesomely, even (if that's a word). The boutique is full of all kinds of handmade goodies, and a small selection of higher-end vintage clothing and accessories. Here's a peek at some of our beautifully handmade boutique merchandise. Enjoy!

Featured Artist: Larry Schiemann
Larry's work is nothing short of amazing. This is a small sampling of what we have in stock. You will NOT believe how reasonable (read: cheap) the prices are on these expertly thrown and glazed pieces. Seriously. In addition to these larger works, we also have mugs, tumblers, small covered jars, and more.

Stella Salamone
Stella "Thrash Queen" Salamone is one creative lady. A staple of the Cleveland college radio scene for many years, Stella is also a talented artist and jewelry designer. We carry a selection of her jewelry in the boutique, which features recylced and handmade components. Her artwork is primarily collage-based, often incorporating encaustic techniques. This necklace is hands-down my favorite piece of jewelry in the boutique. Love love love it!

Sarva Natural Artisan Soaps
Read all about Sarva mastermind Michelle Gilbert in this great article by Julie Cajigas of CoolCleveland.com. These soaps are amazing. Fragrant (but not overpowering), luxurious, and all natural. Your nose really wants you to check these out!

Rifka Claypool
As a mom of three very young kids, I don't know how Rifka finds the time to make jewelry, but I'm glad she does! All of her earrings are made with sterling silver hardware, perfect for sensitive, delicate flowers like myself (har! I hope you weren't drinking milk as you read that or I probably owe you a new monitor). New this month are bracelets and adorable clip-on earrings, perfect for little girls to play dress up with.

That's all for now!
~Steph L

Jan 4, 2010

Next Show!

January 22 – February 7, 2010
Works by
Hannah Verbeuren,
Ken Nevadomi, Dante Rodriguez,
Barbara Konrad, and Claudio Orso-Giacone
Curated by Dante Rodriguez

Boldfigures is a group show of artists from the northeast Ohio region working in photography, painting,drawing, and printmaking who use the human figure as their main subject or inspiration for their work. The human form has always captivated artists’ imagination as a source for storytelling or to express inner emotions and ideas that provide meaning or insight to their works of art. This collection of paintings, drawings, prints, and photographs display a strong emphasis on the human form or animal figure through exaggerated forms, bodily actions, or boldly delineated lines by the whim of the artist’s brushstrokes. Whether searching for personal meaning, documenting current state of affairs, or expressing everyday life, these artists share the recognition of the endless possibilities and potential
of the human figure.

As always, the lower level will be open along with the boutique featuring many other artists!

Artists' Reception:
Friday, January 22nd 6:00pm-11:00pm

Also open:
Saturday, January 23rd 12:00pm-6:00pm
Sunday, January 24th 12:00pm-5:00pm

And by appointment through February 7th.