Oct 1, 2011

Studio Visit with Stephanie Rond

Let's visit the studio of another Playing House artist, Stephanie Rond! Through graffiti, Stephanie's work will draw you in with bright colors, details and strong commentary.

Wall Eye Gallery: Tell us about yourself and your work.

Stephanie Rond: I'm a full time art maker living in Columbus, Ohio with my partner Nate and our two cats. Most of my work is hand cut stencils and spray paint but I like to dabble in sculpture as well. I'm very active in my community and believe in the power of helping everyone helps ourselves. I'm interested in making gallery and street art. When I grow up I would like to be a crossword puzzle guru and domestic cat herder.

WEG: Tell us about your studio. Location? Favorite part? Time spent in it?

SR: My studio is in our two car garage. It has a loft upstairs, and I use the bottom part of the garage when the cars are removed for spraying aerosol. We call it "Fonzie's Place" because Fonzie lived above the Cunningham's garage on Happy Days. On a good week I spend 45-55 hours there. I have several contract jobs, so sometimes I have to squeeze in a couple hours here and there and it only averages about 20 hours.

WEG: Silence or music while you create?

SR: Music for sure! I listen to lots of books on tape as well. When I'm plotting and planning I turn on music, but when I'm cutting the stencils I listen to books on tape. It helps pass the time and I get to learn and use my brain.

WEG: What tool(s) do you use the most?

SR: From my brain toolbox I try to use my creativity and freedom as much as possible, physically I use a razor blade and painters tape the most.

WEG: What is your ideal studio?

SR: I consider myself really lucky as far as my studio goes. The only thing I wish I had was walls that didn't slant. It's hard to make large work in my studio, but I try to get around that too.

Thanks for taking the time, Stephanie!

Visit Stephanie's website to see more of her work!