Aug 20, 2011

Pictures from The Art of Artisans

Looking to furnish your home, office, apartment? Don't you dare go to a big box store to buy mass produced, disposable home furnishings! That was a bit harsh, wasn't it? Sorry about that. But you would feel passionate too if you saw the pieces in The Art of Artisans. Each piece is worthy of gracing a pedestal in a fine museum yet it tells you it wants to go home with you instead.

To see more of an artisans work, buy or commission a piece, simply click on their name. If there isn't a link then contact Wall Eye and we'll happily get you in touch with the artist!

Cristian Schmitt

David Smith

Bottom: Walnut Credenza by Michael McMillin
Top: Stained glass rubbings by Peter Billington & David Smith

Left: Jason Radcliffe. Right: Michael McMillin

Lou Erste & Grant Smrekar
Back left: David Smith. Back right: Peter Billington

The Art of Artisans is up through September 4, so give us a call or e-mail to set up an appointment to see it in person!


  1. Great minds think alike. I just wrote a post about the show on my blog. I had the opportunity to see it Saturday and it was amazing!!!

    I even said you'd never want to buy mass produced again after seeing this show. :) Here's the link if you are interested:

    Do you have a link for Michael McMillian, and can you tell me who made the tall lamp.

    I'm really going to miss you guys. Are you still going to be publishing Pink Eye?

  2. Thanks for writing about the show!And thanks for the sentiment! We'll miss the fun too.

    We don't have a link for Michael, but I can send you his contact info if you'd like.

    We don't publish Pink Eye. That would be They haven't published a magazine since 2009, I believe, but their gallery and shop, The Rag Refinery, are on Lorain Ave in Cleveland. Check put their website AND they've opened a chili restaurant next door!