May 9, 2010

Indie Craft Show!

Saturday, May 15 12:00p-6:00p.
Meet Your Makers is a super-sized version of Cleveland Craft Coalition's monthly craft bazaar. Meet and mingle with oodles of artists, designers, and makers of all kinds of swell stuff from the Greater Cleveland Area. Enjoy complimentary refreshments as you relax in the “living room” and gush over all the neato stuff you just bought!

Shop for one of a kind sock creatures by Zombie Socks, hand knits by Embrace Imperfection, kick ass totes by Atomic Burnout, irreverent greeting cards by Candra Squire, yard and wall art by The Sign Guy, hand built ceramics by CMS designs, and more!

Update: This was a whole lot of fun! Many thanks to the vendors and thanks to everyone who came out to support these local artists and crafters! We appreciate it. And we'll definitely do this again! Stayed tuned...

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