Jun 14, 2010

Preparing for Voices

The artwork arrived at the gallery, and it was exciting to see the photos for the first time. One by one, each photo came out of its box. Each pristine photo telling a story of a life many of us know nothing about. Lives that have seen and experienced heartbreak we could not imagine. And after all of this, they are now living in our cities. They are our neighbors and learning about life in America.

The photography exhibit will be at Wall Eye Gallery, the documentary will show at West Side Ecumenical Ministry Reinberger Auditorium, and the reception as well as art from the Refugee Artisan Co-op will be at Saigon Plaza. Each location is within a very short walking distance from each other.

Please join us this Friday in welcoming and learning about the families who have graciously welcomed the photographers, Steve Cagan, Gabriel Gonzalez, and Donald Black, to document their lives. And let's celebrate the hard work of the artists and organizers who have worked together to bring you a beautiful photo exhibit and engaging documentary about the families. We'll all learn together.

Resources about Refugees:
Documentaries & Films
Children's Books (Some of these will be on display at the gallery)
Building Hope in the City
World Refugee Day - June 20

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