Sep 20, 2010

Dark Matters, Light Sources

Right now, artists Dante Rodriguez and Andy Curlowe are at the gallery putting together their show Dark Matters, Light Sources. Not only is putting together a show hard work, but imagine if you're also one of the artists in the show? More hard work!

Come on out this Friday, September 25th anytime from 6p-11pm and congratulate Dante and Andy on their new show!

About the show:
DARK MATTERS, LIGHT SOURCES is each artist’s personal reflections and responses to man’s relationship with nature. The landscape is a living entity that is in constant flux by its doing or our own. Curlowe addresses this dissonance by stating “with all that we subject our world to, our landscape is also evolving and changing….is nature making a counter path to our development?” In his dioramas and drawings he illustrates the struggle of man’s design onto nature. The hidden mysteries experienced in nature are explored in Rodriguez’s work. His use of animal, human and geometric hybrid forms in his paintings portray a peculiar bond filled with ambiguity and open ended narratives. There is a psychological resonance shared in the works by both artists that cast a shadow of uncertainty on the relationship between man and nature. Was this disharmony always present? Is it a modern day creation? Nevertheless, their imagery presents that it is not the natural order of things.

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