Mar 18, 2010

National Craft Month: Shops

~Are you a Westsider? Then visit Birds of a Feather in Avon! This shop not only carries gorgeous yarn (I once spent over $200 in one visit. No kidding.) but carries wonderful fabrics too. They have tons of classes and host meetings. You can book space for your own group or join a group! There's even a group to knit or crochet for charity. How lovely is that?

~Earlier we mentioned River Colors Studio in Lakewood. This spacious shop invites you to "Go ahead -- touch, discover, play, let your mind run free", and it's easy to do that... I kept touching this luxurious hot pink cashmere yarn and fell in love. Take a look at their online store. They have a nice book selection and the staff is very helpful and very knowledgeable and willing to help you with practically any question you may have. Like all good specialty shops, they have classes and I've noticed many groups chatting and knitting at the tables too.

~In Cleveland is Fine Points on Larchmere! This beautiful Victorian house is stuffed with amazing specialty yarn! They have classes, special events, and Trunk Shows! The staff is friendly and will take a moment to help you with your project. They also have an online store. On the second floor is a boutique featuring designer clothing and accessories. I'm still trying to figure out when I can by this gorgeous coat by An Ren!

Whether you visit one of these shops or all, plan to spend some serious time. There is a lot to see!


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