Mar 9, 2010

Studio Envy

Running a gallery takes a lot of work. A lot. Seriously. A lot. But there are perks to this biz, and one of them would be visiting artists' studios!

In the process of putting together Undomesticated, Stephanie L. and I have been visiting a few studios. There is something to be said when visiting an artist's studio or home. First off, they are amazing! There is so much to look at and admire. And of course when you walk into an artist's space, there's not only her art but the art of many others. It's sacred in a way. Walking into a sacred space with living, breathing art. To look at a piece as it's being created is fascinating. And it's easy to let your eyes get lost in the myriad storage of colorful fabric, yarn, beads, and materials.

I'm very thankful to all of the Undomesticated artits Rebecca, Jennifer, Emily, Christy, Christine, Sara, Giorgianne, and Shannon. You have been wonderful to work with and I enjoyed the meetings, visits, and especially your enthusiasm and passion for your art. We are honored to show your work in our gallery and we look forward to many more visits...

~ Linda


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks to all the amazing women who have been SO open and giving!

  2. Thanks!!! It was great having you over!