Nov 28, 2010

There's still time to submit your Art!


This is a call to submit pieces into Wall Eye Gallery’s 2nd Annual FESTIVUS, December 17th-18th.

Here are the guidelines:

~ Please e-mail us at, images of 1 to 2 pieces you’d like to enter.

~ Attach a TITLE list of your pieces including the MEDIUM, DIMENSIONS, and PRICE. “Festivus” is a $100 and under show. (Therefore artist’s cost for pieces should not exceed $60 - see below.)

~ The commission is 60% to the artist, 40% to the gallery.

~ All 2D pieces should be hang ready. Pieces that are to be pinned, taped, or sticky-tacked will NOT be accepted. NO exceptions.

~ All 3D pieces should be stable and/or come with mounting hardware if needed. If a pedestal is required, please indicate so at the time of submission.

**The DEADLINE is FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3rd, 2010.**

E-mail submissions to

Artists will be notified of their acceptance by Monday, December 6th, 2010, along with further information regarding drop off.

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