Dec 8, 2010

It's Festivus Time!!

Oh it's Festivus, it's Festivus! La la la la la!!!! (We just made up that song right there on the spot!)
It's our 2nd Annual Festivus Show and we're excited to have over 52 artists! With works at $100 or less, EVERYONE can have a work of art for the holidays!!

Adam Gruber
Alena Rosa Reyes
Amanda Cates
Andrew Elaban
Barbara Polster
Benjamin Haehn
Bob Peck
Charlotte Mann
Chris Kaspar
Christina Bender
Dan Corrigan
Dana Depew
David Allen Graham
David Brichford
David Cintron
Dexter Davis
Diane Zizka
Douglas Manry
Dustin Nowlin
Eileen Dorsey
Elizabeth Emery
Emily Waldal
Jake Gardner
James McNamara
James Ruby
Jason Lehrer
Jason Rudolf
Jeff Finley
Jeff Hulligan
Joseph Minek
Joseph Toothman
Julie Cajigas
Justin Brennan
Katie Maurer
Kerry Lange
Kim Thorpe
Liz Maugans
Lizbeth Wolf
Marlee Pickles
Mary Platz Hughes
Michelangelo Lovelace
Natalia Dale
Paul Robertson
Peggy Roberts
William Schwartz
Sandra Holata
Sarah Dougherty
Stephanie Rond
Thomas Durdella
Yvonne Bakale

Opening reception: Friday, Dec. 17, 6-10 pm
Additional hours: Saturday, Dec. 18, 12-6 pm

A two-day only exhibition, FESTIVUS!! celebrates all holidays of the season with affordable, one of a kind works of art, crafts, jewelry, and more!

All artwork for FESTIVUS!! is priced at $100 or less. It's a "cash/check/charge & carry" show, so once you pay you take it away. The sooner you get there, the better your chances are to grab that perfect holiday gift!

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